Land Leveling

Leveling Pivots Irrigation

Womack and Sons is equipped to handle all of your land leveling needs. We level and contour farm land and property using tractors and dirt buckets. Primarily, the land leveling falls beneath the umbrella of irrigation. Land leveling can benefit farmers by producing higher yields, better weed control, and larger farming areas. Our clients have also seen faster seeding, less time required for transplanting, and better use of water. Good leveling may also reduce the total water requirements to grow the crop by up to 10%.

Womack and Sons provide farmers with a topography survey, which illustrates the amount of cut/fill needed per acre to meet a certain fall. We are equipped with the latest Topcon system, a positioning technology system for surveyors, civil engineers, and construction contractors. We transfer that survey information, along with the GPS coordinates and elevations, into the computer systems of each tractor. All data is "real time" and is precisely accurate down to the hundredths of an inch. For optimum proficiency, most all of our tractors pull double 18-yard buckets. During the summer months, while demand is high, we capitalize on productivity by operating 24 hours a day. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-qualified team, Womack and Sons is your trusted source for your land leveling needs in Louisiana.


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