Leveling Pivots Irrigation

As another form of irrigation services provided by Womack and Sons are pivots. Pivots provide hydration when other options are not feasible or desired. When approached by a farmer, we make an on-site visit to take measurements and examine the conditions and terrain. We then input the detailed information into our computer software, and we determine well sizes, pressure demands, horse power of pumping unit, etc. We can then take that irrigation information and tweak for peak performance based on specific needs.

We also provide maintenance and servicing different brands of pivots in order for the farmer to be prepared for watering season. We keep an inventory of general pivot parts for quick repairs. A full service visit could consist of checking hydraulics, belts, boots, wiring, change filters, etc.

Womack and Sons is a certified dealer of T-L Pivots. T-L Pivots offer a distinctive and proven state-of-the-art design. One major advantage over the competition is its hydrostatic design. Unlike conventional pivots, it does not use an electric "start and stop" motion as it circulates around the field. T-L Pivots utilize hydraulic pressure, which provides consistent and uniform coverage. This technology vastly prolongs the life span of the gear boxes and drive trains. Also, by utilizing this hydraulic design versus electric design, the consumer eliminates the copper wiring that is susceptible to theft and electric shock if damaged.

Contact Womack and Sons and let our experts help you maximize your irrigation through pivot installation and service.


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