Directional Drilling

The Directional Drilling division utilizes the method of horizontal directional drilling.

Directional DrillingThe directional drilling division, commonly referred to in our industry as road boring, utilizes the method of horizontal directional drilling. This procedure is done much like oil field drilling, except it is done on a smaller scale and a horizontal direction. Utilizing flexible polyethylene pipe, we can go around or underneath structures in our path, without damaging buildings, trees, pavement, etc. Directional drilling is mainly used for making crossings under rivers, roads, and existing structures, with the purpose of installing pipes and conduits to transport different types of materials. Our rig operators have extensive knowledge of mud mixtures, pipe deflections, operating pressures. This division consists of multiple size rigs which are used to drill various size pipes under a number of different structures.


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Cable Barrier I-49

We built, facilitated and completed this cable barrier project on I-49


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