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Womack and Sons Histroy

Glen begins G.D. Womack Trenching Inc.

Glen and Judy Womack were married in July of 1980. They each worked hard as they began a life together. Judy was a licensed nurse and Glen farmed, worked in chemical plants in Baton Rouge, LA and then for Burkeen Construction laying telephone lines. While laying telephone lines, he was inspired to begin laying residential water lines. Most rural areas in central Louisiana were utilizing well water at the time. During this era of the early 1980s, rural towns/municipalities were creating public water systems and water mains were being laid. Glen saw this as a door of opportunity to begin installing residential water lines from the water mains directly to residences. In 1983, Glen decided to begin his own business (G.D. Womack Trenching, Inc.) with a single, walk-behind trencher, shovel and an in-home office. Glen’s wife, Judy took care of the administrative tasks. At the time, Glen & Judy had one son, James Butler Womack.

Pictured: James Butler Womack & Glen Womack | First Business Card


Glen subcontracts with G. Dale Smith

As a new contractor, Glen was operating as a subcontractor for much of his work. Along the way, he came to know a fellow contractor by the name of G. Dale Smith out of Brookhaven, MS that had been in the business for years. This contractor began to mentor Glen and share much of his experience. In 1985 G Dale Smith was building West Winnsboro Water System and subcontracted the service bores to Glen. In the spring of 1986, G.D. Womack Trenching had its first opportunity to subcontract under the mentoring contractor. The project consisted of installing sewer lines from the sewer mains to the residences in Washington Park Subdivision in Winnsboro, La. G.D. Womack Trenching continued to maintain a culture of mentoring and helping other contractors.


Company Growth & Family Growth

In 1987 Glen was able to subcontract another project from G. Dale Smith. G.D. Womack Trenching subcontracted the bigger portion of waterlines on Maitland water system. While doing this work Glen found a niche for 24-hour service and maintenance for some of the systems he was working on. As needed, he and a maintenance crew would repair leaks and set new meters for the water systems. In this year Glen also hired Tony Boothe and Robert Chaudoin. Tony Boothe was hired as a crew leader and Robert Chaudoin as an Operator. Tony is still with us today and Robert worked with us for 33 years, retiring in 2020. Glen and Judy also welcomed another son, Chase Cotten Womack to the family in August of 1987.

Pictured: Robert Chaudoin Retirement Party | Chase Cotten Womack | Glen Womack, Robert Chaudoin, & Tony Boothe


Glen purchases land outside of Harrisonburg, La.

In 1988 G.D. Womack Trenching was steadily diversifying by beginning different types of work such as irrigation solutions for farmers in Northeast La and becoming the maintenance contractor for additional rural water systems. In late 1988 Glen purchased 40 acres of land just outside of Harrisonburg, La which would become the home office location for G.D. Womack Trenching as well as the home of Glen and his family.

Pictured: Womack & Sons 1987 Property


G.D. Womack Trenching bids & bonds first solo project.

In 1991 G.D. Womack Trenching, Inc. bid its first project as a general contractor and was the low bidder. The contract was a water project in Abbeville, La. There was $10k between G.D. Womack Trenching and the next lowest bidder. The business was now bonded and bidding projects solo. Now that the company was acting as a general contractor and continuing to grow, it was time for an office building. After the floodwaters of 1991 began to recede, a new metal building was erected and Glen hired Kim Wiley as his first secretary. Kim was like family to Glen, Judy, and the two boys. She still remains a close family friend today.

Pictured: 1991 Flood on Womack Trenching Property


The family keeps growing!

On November 29th of 1993 Glen & Judy welcomed their youngest child and only daughter, Paige Diane Womack to the family

Pictured: Paige Womack Barbo


JCP Management is formed.

In the midst of growth at G.D. Womack Trenching, Glen found yet another niche in the rural water sector. Many small rural water systems were in need of management from clerical to compliance, to maintenance and to operations. Glen began a second business, JCP Management, Inc in 1996, a water management company. The name JCP was derived from the initials of his three children – James, Chase, & Paige. JCP Management Inc. signed its first management contracts with West Winnsboro Water and South Bayou Macon and has only grown since. JCP Management presently manages dozens of water systems on various levels across the state of Louisiana.

Pictured: JCP Logo


First Million Dollar Contract & G.D. Womack Trenching now employs 24.

In 1999, G.D Womack Trenching, Inc. was awarded its first million-dollar contract. It was an 18” water line for Concordia Parish. This was a milestone that set the stage for larger projects to come. At this point in time, there were 24 employed by G.D. Womack Trenching.


James Womack began working for G.D. Womack Trenching Inc. full-time.

Glen Womack has always believed in hard work ethic and tried to instill it in his three children. The eldest son, James Womack worked with Glen throughout the summers of his high school years. Upon graduation, James attended La Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana for a brief time, but realized that his heart was in the family business. He returned home to begin working a full-time position at G.D. Womack Trenching, Inc. in 2001 as a Foreman. His niche lay in the ability to meet deadlines and lead crews on utility related projects. James developed a strong bond with field personnel while working alongside & in the trenches with many employees. To this day, James is still followed and highly respected by field personnel. James has always been logistically minded, production driven, and proficient in field operations. These attributes have led him to the position that he now holds as Co-Owner. Alongside James was his childhood best friend, Lee McGuffee. Lee and James became best friends in the third grade and have never parted since. They attended school together, worked summers together, attended college, and both returned to G.D. Womack Trenching to begin a career. Lee McGuffee is now the Utility Operations Manager and highly respected across the organization. In the same time frame that James and Lee joined Womack & Sons full-time, Miranda Montpelier was hired. Miranda is now our Office Manager and has been with the business through many seasons of change. She has remained a loyal employee and is considered a key asset to our organization.

Pictured: James Womack, Co-Owner | James Womack as a child | Lee McGuffee, James Womack, & Chase Womack working one summer | James Womack & Lee McGuffee


G.D. Womack Trenching, Inc. celebrates its 20-year anniversary.

2003 called for a celebration. Twenty years came fast for G.D. Womack Trenching. At this time there were 30 full-time employees and revenue had grown to $2.9M/ year. (7 of these 30 employees are still employed today!) Business was growing and Glen alongside his employees, was working hard to reach new goals. The 20-year anniversary celebration was held at the home of Glen & Judy Womack. The families of all employees were invited to attend and celebrate the hard work of each of them. Employees were recognized and given gifts of appreciation.

Pictured: 20 Year Celebration of G.D. Womack Trenching held at the home of Glen & Judy Womack | Robert Chaudoin, Glen Womack, and Tony Boothe at 20-year celebration | Womack Family at 20-year celebration.


Glen hires first Estimator, Paul Turner.

Up until this point, Glen had performed all of the estimating on the jobs he bid. As the company was growing and more opportunities arose, Glen knew it was time to hire an estimator. He hired Paul Turner from Winnsboro, La. Paul had just graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. When Paul was hired, the business was doing approximately $5M/year in revenue. With Paul’s involvement, the company grew to $8M/year in revenue.

Pictured: Paul Turner in 2005 | Paul Turner Presently


Chase Womack graduates from ULM and joins G.D. Womack Trenching as a full-time Employee.

Like James, Chase also worked throughout high school and during the summers at G.D. Womack Trenching. After high school graduation, Chase Womack attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe and pursued a degree in Construction Management. In 2008 Chase graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Construction Management. He returned to Harrisonburg to begin working full-time. At this time, Glen had both sons working for the family business. Chase spent time in each role within the office such as payroll, estimating, project coordinating, etc. before working in the field as a foreman and then as a project manager. Chase’s timing in becoming a full-time employee was perfect. In a season of rapid growth in sales and employees, it demanded the need for an individual that had the knowledge and discipline to create new policies and procedures within the organization. He took on this task and still maintains that responsibility today. Chase has always had a love for building things as well. Upon his graduation he championed certain buildings of simple nature. Over the last 14 years that division has grown into a large revenue stream that offers design-build and construction. Many of these projects include commercial buildings, churches, hospitals, gymnasiums, etc.

Pictured: Chase Womack – Co Owner | Chase Womack as a child | Glen Womack & Chase Womack | Chase Womack driving Womack Trenching Inc. truck | Chase Womack ULM Graduation


Womack & Sons Construction Group, Inc. was formed.

At this point in time G.D. Womack Trenching had been in operation for 27 years and primarily focusing on utility work such as underground piping and wastewater treatment facilities. Glen working alongside his two sons, James and Chase felt like it was time to diversify their scope of work and rebrand who they were becoming as a company. With Glen’s experience, James’s focus on production and specialty work, and Chase’s passion for commercial construction, they decided to form Womack & Sons Construction Group, Inc. Womack & Sons Construction group was formed in 2010 and would expand the focus from only utility related projects and toward other areas of construction such as commercial building, civil, sitework, etc. When the new business was formed, all the current employees remained employed by the new entity and the assets of G.D. Womack Trenching were purchased by Womack & Sons Construction Group. Glen, James, and Chase were now partners in a new venture that would begin performing work under the new name in January of 2011.

Pictured: Womack & Sons Logo


Womack & Sons Construction Group, Inc. was awarded its first Sports Complex.

In 2011, Womack & Sons was just beginning to do business under the new name and were awarded their first sports complex project with Chase Womack as Project Manager. The project was the Concordia Recreation Complex located in Vidalia, Louisiana. We transformed the 50 acres of land from cornfields to a beautiful complex to serve the parish of Concordia. The complex consisted of ball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, press boxes, concession stands, paved parking lots, a pond and pier. This set the stage for more sports complexes in the future!

Pictured: Concordia Parish Recreational Complex


Paige Womack Barbo graduated from ULM and joins Womack and Sons Construction group full-time.

Paige worked within the family business throughout her teen years focusing on the administrative side of the businesses. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2015. In August, she began working within the office full-time gaining knowledge and experience in various administrative areas.

Pictured: Paige Womack as a child | Paige Womack ULM Graduation


Paige Womack Barbo becomes a business partner

In September of 2019, Paige became business partner with Glen, James, & Chase.

Pictured: Paige Womack Barbo | Chase Womack, Paige Womack Barbo, Glen Womack, & James Womack


Womack & Sons licensed to perform work in additional states.

2020 was a year that we could never forget. Being a small business owner in 2020 meant overcoming the obstacles associated with the worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19. We were incredibly thankful to be able to continue employing our team without layoffs. We maintained work amid a struggling economy. In this year we became licensed to not only perform work in Louisiana but also Arkansas and Mississippi.

First Baptist Church

The new gymnasium as well as the kitchen and restroom renovations turned out great!


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