Trucking and Hauling

Our fleet of tractor trailer and trim-axle dump trucks are leading the way.

Trucking and HaulingWomack and Sons has a fleet of Tractor/Trailer and Tri-Axle dump trucks that we strive to keep busy each day hauling granular material such as rock, sand, dirt, etc. Our trucks are insured and regularly inspected to stay in excellent working condition, eliminating downtime on critical dirt hauls. With access to several dump trucks, we can satisfy most any quantity demand on a daily basis. Our team can deliver your load of fill crushed stone, granite, crushed concrete, compactable fill and much more. Separate from granular hauls, we have multiple lowboy trailers that we utilize to haul heavy equipment and permitted loads throughout the state. If your project requires the haul of heavy construction equipment, like Dozers, Excavators, or Compactors, we've got the trailer that can handle that job, too.

Our heavy haul team operates on an hourly rate as well as a "cost per haul." For more information on pricing of granular material per ton/cubic yard or to schedule a haul call our dedicated team at Womack & Sons construction today.

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